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Ibiza is a very popular tourist destination, especially due to its legendary and at times riotous nightlife centered around two areas: Ibiza Town, the island's capital on the eastern shore and Sant Antoni to the West. Ibiza Town has become a popular destination for tourists. The most famous clubs include Privilege (the largest club in the world), Eden (the busiest nightclub in Sant Antoni), Es Parad�(noted for its water parties), Amnesia (known for foam parties), Space (an afterparty club), Pacha, and DC10. These clubs have become the centre of the worldwide electronic music movement. During the summer, world class DJs perform at the various clubs on weekly schedules, in between touring to other international destinations. Many of these DJs use Ibiza as an outlet for presenting new songs within the house and trance genres of electronic dance music. The season traditionally begins at the start of June with Space and DC10's opening parties and finishes on the first weekend of October with the now legendary Closing Parties. A typical schedule for clubbers going to Ibiza includes waking at noon, early evening naps, late night clubbing, and "disco sunrises". Due to Ibiza's notable tolerance toward misbehavior from young adult tourists, it has acquired the sobriquet "Gomorrah of the Med". It is also famous for Caf�el Mar, a long-standing bar where many tourists traditionally view the sunset made famous by Jos�adilla. Caf�ambo is situated next door, along with newer additions Savannah, Sugar Sea, and Coastline, and has become an increasingly popular venue for club pre-parties after sunset, boasting big names such as Roger Sanchez, David Morales, Frankie Knuckles, Judge Jules, Pete Tong, Paul Oakenfold, Sasha, John Digweed, Erick Morillo and David Guetta. More on sunshine holidays Club 18-30 is a holiday company owned by Thomas Cook that offers cut-price holidays for young men and women who are out for what they claim to be "a good time". The average age of guests is 21, and one third of customers are travelling on holiday without their parents for the first time. The guiding mantra of the company is: Nothing is sacred, if it's going to be a good laugh then we're in. Controversies Many guests on the holidays were seduced by the temptations of the flesh that were marketed as a standard part of the holiday. These often culminated in games between men and women whereby garments of clothing would be removed until they were bare or partially naked. In 1995, the company's sexually suggestive billboard advertising ruffled feathers with the Advertising Standards Agency, being the second most complained-about firm of that year. The ads, designed by Saatchi & Saatchi included Beaver Espana and It's not all sex, sex, sex. There's a bit of sun and sea as well. Since January 2002, the ITV programme made by SMG Productions called Club Reps, narrated by Emma B/Lisa I'Anson, unearthed the murky underworld of the life of a travel representative on Club 18-30 holidays. It kept the Daily Mail awash with graphic stories. It also doubled bookings for Club 18-30 holidays. Designer sunglasses When online radio listeners tune in to clubbing music mix tunes some like to think of fantastic deals on sunshine summer holidays and imagine themselves wearing designer sunglasses like Christian Dior, Chanel and Ray Ban as well as designer sunglasses like Brands,Animal,Bolle,Burberry,Bvlgari,Celine,D&G,DKNY,Donna Karan,Escada,Etro,Fila,Furla,Givenchy,Guess,Jean Paul Gaultier,La Perla,Loewe,Lozza,Mini,Moschino,Persol,Pirelli,Police,Prada,Rayban,Rip Curl,Serengeti,Sting,Tommy Hilfiger,Versace,Vogue and Zegna. 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Surfing Surfing is a surface water sport in which the participant is carried along the face of a breaking wave, most commonly using a surfboard, although wave-riders may make use of kneeboards, body boards (aka boogie boards), kayaks, surf skis, and their own bodies. Surfing-related sports, such as paddleboarding and sea kayaking do not require waves, and other derivative sports such as kitesurfing and windsurfing rely primarily on wind for power, yet all of these tools may as well be used to ride waves. Two major subdivisions within contemporary stand-up surfing are reflected by the differences in surfboard design and riding style of longboarding and shortboarding. In tow-in surfing (most often, but not exclusively, associated with big wave surfing), a surfer is towed into the wave by a motorized water vehicle, such as a jetski, generally because standard paddling is often ineffective when trying to match a large wave's higher speed. Newquay is a popular uk holiday surfing destination. In order to know a surf break one must be sensitive to each of these factors. Each break is different, since the underwater topography of one place is unlike any other. At beach breaks, even the sandbanks change shape from week to week, so it takes commitment to get good waves (a skill dubbed "broceanography" by a few California surfers). That is why surfers have traditionally regarded surfing to be more of a lifestyle than a sport. Nowadays, however, surf forecasting is aided by advances in information technology, whereby mathematical modelling graphically depicts the size and direction of swells moving around the globe. Common surfing terms Regular/Natural foot - Right foot on back of board Goofy foot - Left foot on back of board Take off - the start of a ride Drop in - dropping into (engaging) the wave, most often as part of standing up Drop in on, cut off, or "burn" - taking off on a wave in front of someone closer to the peak (considered inappropriate) Duck dive - pushing the board underwater, nose first, and diving through an oncoming wave instead of riding it Snaking/Back-Paddling - paddling around someone to get into the best position for a wave (in essence, stealing it) The Surf Museum, Oceanside, CaliforniaPop-up - Going from lying on the board to standing, all in one jump Bottom turn - the first turn at the bottom of the wave Shoulder - the unbroken part of the wave Cutback - a turn cutting back toward the breaking part of the wave Fade - on take off, aiming toward the breaking part of the wave, before turning sharply and surfing in the direction the wave is breaking towards Over the falls - When a surfer falls and the wave carries him in a circular motion with the lip of the wave, also referred to as the "wash cycle", being "pitched over" and being "sucked over" because the wave can suck the surfer off of the bottom and draw him or her "over the falls." Pump - an up/down carving movement that generates speed along a wave Stall - slowing down by shifting weight to the tail of the board or putting a hand in the water Floater - riding up on the top of the breaking part of the wave, and coming down with it Hang-five/hang-ten - putting five or ten toes respectively over the nose of a longboard Hang Heels - Facing backwards and putting the surfers' heels over the edge of a longboard. Re-entry - hitting the lip vertically and re-rentering the wave in quick succession. Switch-foot - having equal ability to surf regular foot or goofy foot (i.e. left foot forward or right foot forward) -- like being ambidextrous Tube riding/Getting barreled - riding inside the hollow curl of a wave Carve - turns (often accentuated) Pearl - accidentally driving the nose of the board underwater, generally ending the ride Off the Top - a turn on the top of a wave, either sharp or carving Snap - a quick, sharp turn off the top of a wave Fins-free snap (or "fins out") - a sharp turn where the fins slide off the top of the wave Air/Aerial - riding the board briefly into the air above the wave, landing back upon the wave, and continuing to ride. Grom/Grommet - young surfer (usually under 15 or so) Beach hats and beach bags Listening to dance music while on the beach enables people to use devices like apple ipod or mini ipod nano. Because they're so small they can fit in beach bags or a beach bag. Some are chic beach bags and to add to this people like designer beach hats. 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